GDI?  Maybe you’ve heard of it and you wanna do some research on it.  So the question you need answered is, is global domains international a scam?

Before we get into that, I’ll give you my expierence on what GDI is.  Back in 2011, I ran across GDI.  At the time, I was BRAND NEW is the affliate/network marketing game.  I had very little help and I was doing all research on my own.  Actually I just did a quick search and my very first youtube video is still up which you can watch below(don’t laugh, we all have to start somewhere)

In a nutshell, GDI is a program were you are able to purchase domain names.  Just like you can get a domain name from godaddy or namecheap, GDI is the same thing.  Apart from providing domain registry, there are also services like email forwarding, site builder tools, and other web hosting services  The biggest diffence is they are also a multi level marketing program as well with a pretty good compensation plan.  An illustration below is how the payouts work.

For $10 a month, you are able to get a website.  Most websites usually end in .com, .net, .org, etc.  GDI is a little different.  Thier websites end in WS with the WS standing for website.    The owners of GDI got permission from the government of Western Somoa to us the WS.  With all of that, the one thing you want to know is Global domains international a scam?  The answer is no, but I wouldn’t recommend it if you’re looking to start a home based business, especially if you’re brand new to the making money from home business.

The reason why I wouldn’t recommend it is because there is very little support from anyone or anywere.  Also, lots of people aren’t sold on the MLM aspect of it.  Although MLM is a legit business model, it is really close to a pyramid scheme.  In order to make an income with GDI, you will need to recruit an unlimited amount of people, and the people you recruit into the program, need to recruit other people, and so on and so on.

Now again, I’m not against MLM, but for the new marketer, this can be a daunting task to recruit members, especially if you’re just starting out. Whose gonna trust you?

In fairness, GDI would be good for someone is they were just looking to create the most basic of a website.  Someone who isn’t looking to monetize it.  If you already have for instance, a restuarant, then GDI would be a good way to put your company’s name and face on the internet, as there’s very little leg work in it.  Other than that, leave GDI to the expierenced internet marketers.  Once you get more comfortable and an understanding of how running an online business is, then MAYBE, return to GDI.

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Like most folks, you’ve probably been looking over numerous ways on how to earn an income from home.  Just admit it. Like most of us, you’re tired of the morning commute, the waking up at 5:00am just to be at work by 8:00am.  Lets not even talk about dropping the kids off, picking them up, homeowrk, quality time, and just the basics of life just to get through the day.  With so many products out there, some being a scam(I believe in being 100% transparent), some being to technical, the question that gets stuck with so many is how and where and how do I start?

Probably one of the most basic, but important ingredient about how to earn an income from home is……..wait fot it……..BEING PATIENT.  Yes, this is a very basic concept, yet one that is extremely misunderstood and overlooked.  The key to success in running your own home based business is to realize this is a marathon, not a sprint.  When I first started out, believe me, I had the same mindset as a lot of people.  I WANT TO MAKE MONEY NOW!!!!!!  I just wanna plug in and go.  Well unfrouantely, just like construction on a three story building won’t last unless the base is sturdy, the same thing applies for an online business.

Another basic concept and need of running a succesful home based business is running your own blog.  Yes, a blog.  If you’re plugged in online(which obviously you are as you’ve found this page), chances are you’ve read a blog or two today only.  You probably even subscribe to some or at worst, there’s one particular blog that’s your favorite and you read it’s content often.  Think of your blog as a local community store.  It’s the primary place where you conduct business, and your customers come to your store to purchase a product.  Your blog is the store on 5th and main st.

Lucky blogs are very easy and FREE to get.  The most common place where most folks get thier blogs from is wordpress.  Haven’t heard of them? No problem. You can own and create a simple or advanced wordpress blog by going to  Over 28% of all internet traffic goes through wordpress.(We’ll cover traffic later)

Another component of how to earn an income from home is figuring out what niche you’re going to promote.  What’s a niche?  A niche is just a fancy word on something you’re passionate about, something you know a lot about, or something you’re willing to learn while helping others learn about it as well.  Everyday, billions of people type in certain keywords(We’ll get to this as well)  Your niche, or expertise in a particular subject is what will drive traffic to your website.

What’s traffic you say?  Traffic is another fancy word that can be broken down into “how many people visit your blog/website for information.  The more traffic you have.  The more your customers start to trust you as an authority figure on your particular niche.  The more traffic/customers you have, the more revenue you are able to genereate.

The #1 way, and probably the one thing that makes any blog/website run

efficeintly and create traffic is keywords.  What’s a keyword?  What if I told you that this page is designed for you to find me because I knew of a couple of words you’d type into a search engine?  If you notice, the title of this page on my blog is how to earn an income from home.  I’m gonna bet you that some shape form or fashion, you typed this into a search engine, more than likely google.

Pretty simple it seems?  Ironically, yes it is, but as I stated above, the key is patience when it comes to running an online business, not matter what your niche is.

My name is Benjamin, and with my help, let me show you how to make a living from your couch becaue I know you, just like everyone else, would like to spend more time doing the things you love, isntead of commuting for three hours everyday to and from work.

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